Medical cardiologist in Hyderabad.

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I am Dr. Karthik a Medical cardiologist in Hyderabad. Most of my patients consider me one of the best Medical Cardiologists. With an overall experience of more than 13 years, I performed the role of Assistant Professor and Head of Medical Cardiology at Mehdi Nawaz Jung Institute of Cardiology, Hyderabad. I have specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of Cardiology and Solid Malignancies as well as Benign Cardiology cases, including Myelodysplastic, Myeloproliferative diseases, Aplastic Anaemias, Venous & Arterial Thrombosis, Haemophilias, bleeding disorders, and other complex cardiology conditions.

I have a reputation as a trusted, patient-focused skilled doctor with a history of serving patients, successfully diagnosing, treating, and managing cardiac diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol problems, and vascular diseases. As I am easygoing by nature and help people around me to get better, I am able to get along with other healthcare professionals and also senior managers. I also keep myself up to date with the latest treatments, medicines, and medical developments.

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